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I'M SO EXCITED THAT I FINALLY GET TO DO THIS!! If you haven't seen this before, it's basically an old awards show meme thing from [profile] legacy_writers. (You can find the template for it in this post!) It's a fun excuse to go back through old families and legacies and reminisce on everything they did, good AND bad.

As a heads-up, there's lots of blabbering and LOTS of pictures underneath the cut, but I don't think that's anything new at this point. Shall we?

Biggest Asshole:

You mean I have to pick only ONE?!

The lucky winner of this award is Liam, for 1) being inventive with his assholery and 2) being one of my faves so he gets to have something special, unlike the rest of that gaggle of dickheads. Some of his best-ofs:

Being a stupid and mean child who became a stupider, meaner teenager!

Hooking up with a ton of dormies, just to get them all to cheat on each other!

Marrying two women at once, and then kicking wife #1 Indra's ass until the end of time after their marriage imploded!

(he didn't even care when wife #2 Akiko died lmao)

And of course, passing on those shitty asshole genes!

Seriously, getting a clown party in honor of your death is probably not a good sign.

Biggest Sweetheart:

I would have to say definitely June, what a woobie! She was a saint to her family (for the most part), which included fawning over Claus and joining a llama cult to resurrect Parvati. When her useless old geezer husband died, she carried on raising five kids all by herself.

Most Spectacularly Stupid:

Oooooh, that's a tough one!

Akiko was pretty dumb for somehow being unable to feed herself for two days, before finally starving to death in a hallway that HAD A FRIDGE IN IT.


So beautiful, yet SO STUPID. I still can't believe she couldn't stay alive for literally the final two days of the legacy.

Most Successful:

Honestly, this was the last one I answered because it was so depressingly difficult. LOL.

I'm not happy rewarding Joseph because he ended up annoying the crap out of me, BUT he did complete his LTW in his adulthood while the others pretty much took their sweet time and hit it as elders. Plus, he won me fifty grand and free money goes over real well with me!

Biggest Failure:


Frey "Mommy Issues" Almassy spent his formative years being a fucking crying wreck and failing to make any friends.

This snowballed once he went to college and somehow was still completely incapable of normal human interaction. Of course this meant he was destined to be heir!

He dropped out of college and returned home to 'work on' his LTW (which was 'have twenty best friends', AHAHAHAHAHAHANO)... oh, and to immediately BANG HIS STEP-MOTHER.

Frey failed so hard at finding a spouse that I had to alien-impregnate him in order to squeeze some freaking kids out of him. He rewarded me with QUADRUPLETS before unceremoniously dying of sun exposure.

Other accomplishments included becoming a shitty werewolf, never getting a job, never completing his LTW, and becoming a critically-panned novelist in only half an hour. He was a damn PRO.

Biggest Alcoholic:

Claus! Nothing like starting at eight years old!

Biggest Whore:

I guess technically this should go to Violet, because she did successfully screw twenty different people including the maid, the mailman, her college's coach, her college professor, plus Poppy's college professor/future husband.

Really though, I think special consideration should go to the runner-up, Guy.

Here is Professor Guy, hitting up Rain all the way back in ye olde college days...

...before fucking Violet (Almassy Sister #1) in the nasty dorm photobooth...

...then later shacking up with and marrying Poppy (Almassy Sister #2)...

...before remembering how much of a hottie Rain (Almassy Sister #3) was and banging her in the hot tub!

By the time he and Rain started having an affair, he just did not give a fuck who was there to see it. Oh, and he also ended up impregnating Rain later with two daughters (River and Wendy). Here's to you, Guy: the biggest manwhore!

Most Disgusting:


No one could ever match her love for eating garbage, her constant farting, and her eternal stinkiness. Even worse, she passed on her abysmal fucking neatness points for generations! Good thing I like her so much.

Most Stylish:

I guess I'd pick... Rocio? I always thought she was adorable!


HA! Trick question, they're all crazy. ...BUT I guess I have to give this one to wonderful dingbat Georgia!

Most Untimely Death:

There was lots and LOTS of premature death, but the one that sticks out to me is heiress Parvati dying pre-Resurrect-O-Nomitron.

Most Frustrating:

I'm giving this to Twojeffs' Triplets & Quads for always giving me ten thousand kids exactly when I didn't need them!

Ghost murder was a very, VERY close second but seeing as how most of the rampant death and destruction was pretty funny to me, I think it kind of balanced out.

Biggest Lulz Bringer:

It's a two-way tie between Liam and Israel!

Liam was super fun to play, of course!

But sucky Israel also provided tons of laughs! Rereading his gen's updates makes me remember all the stupid and FUN things he used to do and just knowing that something hilarious would be waiting for me every time I started up my game.

Most Loving Parent:

Claus was a great daddy, grandpa, AND great-grandpa!

Most Neglectful Parent:

Georgia, who barely paid attention to any of her kids and outright antagonized one of them!

Infant neglect!

Child neglect!

Straight-up bitch-slapping neglect! You want bad parenting? She's got it!

No child is ever too old for Georgia to beat up!

The family that fights together, is tight together! Or something like that.

Special acknowledgment goes to the three Gen 9 heirs (Paloma, April, and Drew) for managing to have social services take away their children a whopping SIXTEEN TIMES.

Best Teaser:

Lots of the funny teasers were good, but I always was pretty fond of this one. It was fun to make AND I really like how it turned out!

Best Caption:

Okay, I tried to find something to put here but it's tough to pick just one thing from 60+ updates, plus I'm a dork who laughs at all of her own jokes anyway. TOO HARD. Instead, here's my favorite picture I ever made for this legacy:


Best Storyline:

The most ridiculous soap opera drama to happen had to be Luke and Yuzuki's ~forbidden love~!


Luke was always a very faithful and loving husband to Ayako. But when Yuzuki came into the picture to start making the third generation, things between her and Luke got a weeeeee bit... suspicious. Namely that they were really up each other's asses for being in-laws and would stalk and fawn over each other all day. Don't forget the many, many 'family kisses' they shared!

However, despite it being completely obvious that they were attracted to each other, they refused to do anything about it. So I gave up and pushed them together! FREE LOVE!

This was not a well-received decision.

CUE ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS FAMILY-WIDE BRAWLORAMA. THESE BITCHES FOUGHT LIKE CRAZY. It was warfare on a level I'd never had in the game and it was magical. Luke and Yuzuki just carried on together while the rest of the household thirsted for their blood.

Luke and Ayako were kiiiinda able to patch up their marriage before she died, and it wasn't long before he followed her... but it was Yuzuki who had his final thoughts.

As for Claus and Yuzuki, their marriage just went to shit and stayed there. Then she somehow died from the bubonic plague. The end!

Cutest Toddler:

girl: Georgia

boy: Orion

Cutest Child:

girl: Madrine

boy: Drew

Hottest Teenager:

girl: April...

...and Sable

boy: Ryan...

...and Drew

Hottest Adult:

girl: Georgia

boy: Claus...

...and Liam

Hottest Elder:

girl: Violet

boy: Orion

Overall Ugliest:

Isaiah :(

'Ugly' is way too harsh for him; he just wins this one by virtue of just looking kinda weird. It's the nose thing.

It's worse when you compare him to his hottie twin brother, Isaac. Sorry, Isaiah! :(

Biggest Turnaround (ugly to attractive, or attractive to ugly):

ugly-->cute: Candace

Poor Candace! I really did NOT like her face as a toddler. Again, she wasn't so much ~ugly~ as just really awkward-looking. Georgia's tiny, squinched features didn't play well on Candace's face.

As an adult though: BAM! MEGA HOTTIE. I will never call her 'Cro-Magnon' ever again.

cute-->ugly: Isaiah

Isaiah didn't always look that weird! Puberty was just not nice to him, I guess!

Best Spouse:


I'm going with my silly goose Calhoun because 1) he was actually really helpful around the house and it was tough to have him die, 2) he somehow managed to fall in love with Georgia AND forgive her for cheating, and 3) despite all the drama he was involved in, he never annoyed me or made me hate him. He was really fun and I still kinda miss him. ):

Best Non-Family Character:

Tough, but I gotta pick my favorite Bartender.

It was love at first crotch-fondling sight!

Best Non-Human:

The Grim Reaper!

He loves death and trashy TV almost as much as I do.

Best Ghost:

I added this category just so I could give it to crazy Koko.

So murderous, and yet so fun!

Best Pet:

I'm gonna totally cheat on this because I can't choose: Wilford wins Best Cat and Arthur wins Best Dog!

Best Couple:

Israel & Shima and Orion & Fae were awesome and I adore them both! But...

...yeah, I'm totally giving this to Candace & Belle! Even death couldn't stand in the way of their TRUE LOVE!

Best Non-Heir:


But Rain also deserves a mention for being just so damn helpful during the sixth generation. She was taking care of EVERYBODY'S kids, even when she wasn't thrilled about it. Easily one of the most productive spares!

Best Heir:

He had beautiful children, completed his LTW, and gave me endless amounts of entertainment. You can't ask for better!

Overall Best Sim:

There's only one possible answer for this one.

To Georgia and Frey, for being the most bizarre and yet the most fun sims I could have ever wanted in my game. I love these guys.
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