16 May 2013 @ 09:28 pm
Wow, we're at the tenth spare update already! Making this one was definitely difficult, between my game crashing twice for no reason and all of the children and deaths I had to deal with. Still, I think this has to be one of my favorite spare updates so far; lots of good stuff happens in this one. You can read on after the cut!

Get in the clown car! 80+ images ahead! )
15 April 2013 @ 12:19 am
Boy, my posting speed has really taken a nosedive. I've been dealing with some very stressful stuff in my family so I haven't really felt like writing. I just played my game a lot to de-stress instead... and I mean like, 'I'm already up to the sixth gen heir poll' a lot! I finally feel like I'm able to write funny material again so it's time to get off my butt and make some updates!
First up: a very meaty spare update!

Eighty pictures under the cut! )